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Making Wiser Choices to Have More to Help the Poor

We sat down a few weeks ago as a family to see what we could do to save money. We were not in trouble with income. Even the kids had jobs they did to earn money. We did it to see how we could conserve and save money because we wanted to do more to help the less fortunate. We came up with a bunch of workable ideas. Some we were implementing now, and others we were implementing later on. I was assigned to look online for savings. I followed a link saying click this link for rate information on your electricity bill. I found that we could really lower our monthly electric bill.

I had no idea we were paying a whole lot more for electricity than what the lowest rate plans offered. I had never given the utility deregulation here much thought. It turns out that there is a lot of competition in the market to get you to be an electricity customer of the different companies out there. Continue Reading