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Direct TV Prices and Package Sizes

I am hoping to find a new television provider. I just moved into this new apartment, and for awhile I was pretty seriously considering not getting television hooked up in the new apartment. That is because I did not really know if I would be making enough money to pay rent and feed myself at the same time, much less pay other utilities and for entertainment and such. Anyway, turns out I am going to make more than I thought so I am looking at to see what I can learn about television packages that are available in my area, with the hopes of finding a package that will really work well for what I want to get.

I do not want to get a ridiculous amount of channels. I know that some of these packages these days come with over 200 channels. Continue Reading

Working on the New Security System Today

It is going to be a big deal when I get done with it, but right now it is a pain to deal with the thing and I have been trying pretty hard not to get impatient with it. I am installing a pretty advanced home automation and home security system, it is going to hopefully make my house a lot easier and cheaper to run. Of course I have the full range of about half a dozen different high definition security cameras monitored by adt and this is going to be a pretty effective system. Continue Reading