Direct TV Prices and Package Sizes

I am hoping to find a new television provider. I just moved into this new apartment, and for awhile I was pretty seriously considering not getting television hooked up in the new apartment. That is because I did not really know if I would be making enough money to pay rent and feed myself at the same time, much less pay other utilities and for entertainment and such. Anyway, turns out I am going to make more than I thought so I am looking at to see what I can learn about television packages that are available in my area, with the hopes of finding a package that will really work well for what I want to get.

I do not want to get a ridiculous amount of channels. I know that some of these packages these days come with over 200 channels. But that just seems a bit excessive for my purposes, because it does not seem likely that I would ever have the time to put so many channels to good use. Indeed, it seems more likely that I would never get around to watching a lot of the channels I had, if I were to have such a large amount of channels available to watch.

In general, I tend to watch maybe 10 channels the vast majority of the time. I probably spent 80 percent of my time watching television on those 10 channels and that only leaves the remaining 20 percent of the time for the rest of the channels that I have. I don’t know how things would change if I had a lot of channels, but that is how it was with my last television provider. I am also not trying to spend a whole lot of money on my television package and that is pretty important to me as well.