Had to Replace My Computer

I have started to get together my new computer. I went out with some of my friends last weekend and when I came home I found out some person had broken into my apartment and taken pretty much everything of value had been stolen. That really is not too much. They took my TV, my electric guitar and my computer along with a few other things. I had to use this program called x force keygen to get a new key for some of the software that I own, but of course all of the stuff that proves that was on my old computer. I was pretty happy with the settlement that the insurance company gave me, since I think that I got a fairly good sum compared to what my stuff was worth. It was lucky that I had renter’s insurance or else I probably would not have gotten anything at all. I guess I can thank my landlord for that, because when I signed the lease for this place he told me that I could pay a little bit more and he would include the renter’s insurance. In fact I am pretty lucky to be able to come out of this no worse off than I was. It is easy for me to get a pretty good computer for a cheap price in fact, because I know guys who love to play with that sort of thing. I just got a computer that was a little bit better than the one that I had. It was very inexpensive when you buy the components off of the internet. It is not too simple to put it together if you are not experienced, but I was lucky enough to know a guy who would do the tricky part of the job for me.