Upgrading to a Faster Internet Connection

I have been in the process of getting my internet upgraded. I had to switch service providers, and stuff, and wait a few days for them to come install the modem. Kind of a pain to have to wait, when you don’t have any internet. Also had to go and return the modem to my previous ISP. Was not fun, since their headquarters is on the other side of town. I want to view website for this idea I recently heard about, and l see what it was talking about in more dept. My friend was talking to me about it, and told me a few things, and told me the website for it. But it did not make a lot of sense, what he said to me, and so I determined that I should check it out later.Faster Internet Connection Of course, when I got hom

e, I didn’t have internet, because I had previously requested to terminate my service with my old provider. I almost forgot about it, until today, and now I am having a tough time remembering what the name of the website was that he was talking about. I wish it would come to me, and I hate these moments where I feel like something is on the tip of tongue, but for some reason I can’t access it. Makes me want to research the brain and figure out why this sort of thing happens in the first place. Maybe there is a good answer for it, maybe there isn’t. Either way, I am not sure what to do about it, except to sit here and try to remember some more. I am pretty convinced that if I sit here long enough, that eventually I am going to be able to remember what it is that I am trying to remember.