We Needed a Corporate Lawyer for Our Business

My brother and I started a landscaping business when we were barely out of high school. That was nearly 30 years ago, and it has grown quite a bit. We were the only two employees at first, and our office was a corner of our bedroom in our father’s home. Fast forward to today, and we have sixteen locations with over 100 hundred full-time employees. When my brother told me he wanted to retire, he gave me a fair price to buy him out. We both wanted a Los Angeles corporate lawyer to handle everything though because too many people were depending on us, and we wanted to make sure that this was as seamless as possible.

Also, my brother wanted me to just buy him out, but I did not feel comfortable doing that. He has had some health issues, and I knew that he needed to get away from the stress of running such a huge company. I didn’t want to just give him some money and that was it though. He had built this company along with me, and his sweat and tears would always be a part of our success.

I did want to buy him out to help him, but I also wanted to arrange it so he would still retain a portion of the profits without having to contribute anything for that. If it was anyone else, I would not be concerned with that, but this was my brother, my family. We were able to hire one corporate lawyer to handle all of the paperwork for us, and my brother was surprised at my stipulations. He understood though because he would have done the same for me. The lawyer was able to handle all of the contracts and legal papers, and now my brother can relax and start enjoying life once again.