Working on the New Security System Today

It is going to be a big deal when I get done with it, but right now it is a pain to deal with the thing and I have been trying pretty hard not to get impatient with it. I am installing a pretty advanced home automation and home security system, it is going to hopefully make my house a lot easier and cheaper to run. Of course I have the full range of about half a dozen different high definition security cameras monitored by adt and this is going to be a pretty effective system. Of course you have seen a lot of those bank robbery videos where it was not remotely possible to identify the person who stuck up the bank. The quality of those video systems is ridiculously low a lot of the time and there is not much way that you can get any real value out of some of the videos.

That is not how it is with this. If you get your face on this video then they are going to be able to identify the person on it. This is going to be high definition video and you are going to be able to send it live over the internet. I have one of those 50 up and 50 down type of fiber optic internet. So I can broadcast the home security system’s out put over the internet in live feeds. I have not tried it yet, but we have done other stuff like that. I can video chat with my friends and it works flawlessly, so there is not any reason why I can not exactly the same thing with any other stream of video. I am going to have to figure out how hard it is going to be though before I try.